Determination of Fruit Quality Traits of Some Mandarin Cultivars under Conditions Ecological Adana

Gülsevim Tiring, Serdar Satar, Turgut Yeşiloğlu, Berken Çimen


In this study, the fruit quality traits of varietys of Klemantin, Fremont, Nova and Robinson was determined at Centre Application and Research Subtropical Fruit of Çukurova University in three different periods. The width (mm), length (mm), weight (g), rind thickness, number of carpel, numbers of seed, total soluble solid (TSS, %), titretable acidity (TA, %), TSS/TA ratio, fruit weight, fruit index and amount of fruit juice content (%) were measured. In addition, in this study, information about maturation period of these cultivars was obtained. Regarding to the results, Nova was determined to be the biggest fruit size, Fremont was determined to be the smallest fruit size and the most flattened fruit among the mandarins. It was determined that Klemantin mandarin was matured between September and November, Nova and Robinson mandarin species were matured in November, and Fremont mandarin species was found to matures in December


Mandarin; Harvest date; Fruit quality; Different harvest periods; Citrus.

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