The Threat of Ochratoxin A in Poultry Nutrition

Emrah Güngör, Aydın Altop, Güray Erener


Ochratoxin A is a toxic substance coming up with growing up of some species of Aspergillus and Penicillium at feedstuffs. Diseases and deaths can occur if this toxic substance is consumed by animals. Ochratoxin A can contaminate easily feedstuffs of mixed feeds while producing, harvesting and storing period and pose a serious threat for world and Turkey considering existing rate in feed and feedstuffs. Moreover taking account of passing to animal tissues, ochratoxin A pose a serious risk for human health. Regarding this, ochratoxin A has negative effects on human such as disorders of kidney and reproductive organs. In addition there is various methods to eliminate this damages made by ochratoxin A. In this review, existing of ochratoxin A in poultry feeds, the negative effects on poultry, transition to tissues and practices that can ease the negative effects were summarized.


Ochratoxin A; Effects of ochratoxin A; Toxicant; Poultry nutrition; Fungus

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