Relationships Between Somatic Cell Count and Some Raw Milk Paramaters of Brown Swiss Cattle

Aziz Şahin, Muzaffer Kaşıkcı


The aim of the present research was to determine the relationship between somatic cell count (SCC) and milk composition. Milk samples were collected in November and May in 2012. In the study, 128 milk samples from Brown Swiss cattle, divided into two groups. They were arranged from low score (≤500 000cell/ml) to high score (>500 000cell/ml) according to the Turkish Food Codex upper limit. The averages of SCC were determined as 10.444±0.073cells/ml for first group and 10.820±0.088cells/ml for second group, respectively. In the one group dry matter, non fat dry matter, fat, protein, lactose levels and standard errors were determined as 13.3±0.60%, 8.3±0.21%, 4.5±0.61%, 3.0±0.14% and 4.7±0.07%, respectively. The other group same traits were calculated 13.7±0.17%, 7.9±0.10%, 5.8±0.14%, 3.0±0.06% and 4.1±0.05%, respectively. Significant correlations were found between SCC and non fat dry matter (r=-0.109) protein (r=0.145), lactose (r=-0.490) in the second group. But, non significant correlations were determined between SCC and dry matter, non fat dry matter, fat, protein and lactose in the first group. As a result, increasing of the number of somatic cells, milk, lactose, protein, and fat-free dry matter content was determined to be significantly affected.


Brown swiss cattle; Milk quality; Somatic cell count; Cattle milk

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