The Effects of Charollais Used as a Terminal Crosbreeding Sire Line on the Body Characteristics of Romanov X Akkaraman (F1) and Romanov X Morkaraman (F1) Crosbreeding Lambs

Fatih Ahmet Aslan, Ebru Emsen


This study was aimed to obtain tree teminal crosbred lambs by using two dam lines such as Romanov x Akkaraman (F1) (n = 40) and Romanov x Morkaraman (F1) (n = 40) sheep were conceived in the laparoscopic artificial insemination program both within and outside the mating season with Charollais ram (n = 4). In the spring (April) and summer (July) seasons, which are two different birth seasons, the development characteristics of the 150 day in the lambs born from rootstock were examined. While the effect of the genotype of the mother lineage and the shape of the birth was important in the 150-day-old body measurements of terminal crosbreed lambs born during the spring period, this effect was negligible in the lambs born in summer. The effect of gender on body measurements was found to be insignificant in the lambs born in the spring, and in the lambs born in the summer.


Terminal cressbreeding; Dam line; Lambing season; Akkaraman; Morkaraman

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