Organic Viticulture Recent Status in Turkey and Development Opportunities

Murat Akkurt, İrem Mutlum Şenses, Ümmügülsüm Erdoğan


Anatolia has a wide range of variety and species of grape due to its location is within the native lands of the grape. Turkey is one of the world’s major winegrowing centre because it has an important potential in terms of vineyards area and grape production. Today, people have turned to organic farming due to unbalanced population movements, depletion of natural resources, climate change, conscious consumption and food security. Organic agriculture is an agricultural system that aims to evaluate the future of human and ecosystem as an indivisible whole with healthy plant and animal production. Grape is in the first place in terms of trade among horticultural plants worldwide. In this context, grape is one of the most important of the 197 organic crops grown in our country. The large proportion of organic grapes produced in our country is dried and the organic dried grape is exported abroad. Therefore, the demands of the foreign market are great importance. With this research, the recent situation of organic viticulture in our country has been reviewed and suggestions have been made for improvements.


Organic farming; Grapevine; Raisins; Organic viticulture; Turkey

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