A Study on Determination of Phenological Characteristics, Yield and Yield Components in Different Pea Genotypes in Bayburt Conditions

Ümit Girgel, Alihan Çokkızgın, Mustafa Çölkesen, Hatice Çokkızgın


This study was conducted to compare of ten pea genotypes (Pisum elatius L. (Collected from natural vegetation and early yielding), Utrillo, Bolero, Reyna, Nihal, Jof, Karina, Pisum elatius L. (Collected from natural vegetation), Senador, Pisum sativum L. (Collected from natural vegetation)) for phenological stages, yield and yield components in 2016 year. The study was carried out at Bayburt University, Aydintepe Vocational School Research Area with three replications, according to randomized complete block design. In the study, plant height, stem diameter, number of branches, height of first pod, length of pods, width of pod, number of pods per plant, seed number per pod 1000 seed weight and grain yields were investigated. According to the results gained from the study, the lowest grain yield value was obtained from Pisum elatius L. collected from natural vegetation with 61 kg/da, while the highest yield value was obtained from Reyna variety with 138 kg/da.


Pea; Variety; Genotype; Yield and Yield Components; Phenological Characteristics

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