Investigation of Kilis Drinking Water in Terms of Coliform Bacteria

Ayşenur Özşavlı, Figen Şahin, Mehtap Sadak, Kıvılcım Çaktü Güler


In this study, fecal pollution was investigated in 6 different sources of public drinking water in Kilis. In the samples taken as seasonal (October, January, April and July) total coliform was tested with the Most Probable Number method. The total number of coliforms detected these source used as drinking water ranged from 3-1100100 ml but pollution increased in samples taken in July (%83). For the determination of fecal contamination, Citrobacter freundii, Enterobacter aerogenes, Klebsiella pneumoniae spp. pneumoniae were identified. Antibiotic resistance profiles of these isolates were determined. Resistance to amoxicillin (77.5%), Ampicillin (100%), Cefazolin (65%) and Cefoxitin (65%) antibiotics was determined.


Drinking water; Fecal coliform; Total coliform; Antibiotic resistance; Kilis

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