The Change in Some Leaf Micromorphological Characters of Prunus laurocerasus L. Species by Their Habitat

Nurcan Yiğit, Mehmet Çetin, Hakan Şevik


In this study, it was aimed to identify the change in some micromorphological characters in Prunus laurocerasus L. leaves obtained from 6 different provinces located in the areas where different climate types are dominant, depending on their habitat. In this regard, the leaf samples were collected from Prunus laurocerasus L. individuals in the provinces of Rize, Samsun located in the areas including the European-Siberian, Irano-Turanian and Mediterranean phytogeographical regions. The leaf epidermis images were obtained with the help of SEM on the collected leaf samples, and the required measurement procedures were performed on these images with the help of “Image J” measurement program. By measurements performed on the leaf epidermis surface, Stoma Length (µm), Stoma Width (µm), Pore length (µm), Pore width (µm) and Stoma Density (in an area of 1 mm2) measured such as micromorphological characters. The data obtained were subjected to the Variance analysis and Duncan’s test, and the change in these characters depending on their habitat was statistically evaluated. At the end of the study, it was determined that there were statistically significant differences at the confidence level of minimum 95% among the conditions of the habitat in terms of all characters except for the stomatal width.


Prunus laurocerasus L.; Micromorphological character; Stoma; Phytogeographical region; SPSS

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