Biological Activities of Stem, Leaves and Essential Oil of Cedrus deodara from District Poonch, Rawalakot Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

Tahir Zaman, Mubasher Sabir Syed, Sadaf Isfaq, Muhammad Sarfraz Khan


Cedrus deodara (Roxb. ex D. Don) Loudon, is a high value medicinal plant found in flora of Poonch part of Himalayan region. The present study was conducted to determine and compare the antioxidant activity, quantification of phenolics and flavonoids, chelating ability, biofilm inhibition, thrombolytic activity and cytotoxicity of the stem, leaves of crudes extracts and essential oil. It can be claimed that that all parts of C. deodara including its essential oil is a rich source of phytochemicals that exhibited high quantity of phenolics ranged from (49.76±0.22 GAE to 60.36±0.44GAE mg/g) and flavonoids ranged from (4.78±0.61mg/g to 6.62±0.45 mg/g)but also exhibited antioxidant, metal chelating agent ability, antibacterial potential ranged from (35.59±0.50 to 61.61±0.61%)and thrombolytic activities ranged from (22.86±0.7 to 32. 64±0.5 %)with minimal toxicity ranged from (0.40±0.35 to 3.73±0.23%). Further studies are required to determine the bioactive compounds and bioactivity of plant extracts and fractions.


Cedrus deodara; Antioxidant; Iron chelating; Biofilm inhibition; Thrombolytic activity

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