Water Quality Chance and The Variation of the Algal Flora of The Munzur River (Tunceli-Turkey)

Banu Kutlu, Burcu Demir


Phytoplankton distribution and physico-chemical parameters in two stations in Munzur River were determined in the study carried out monthly between February 2015 and January 2016. According to water quality regulation of the supreme, while quality of water is first class property for temperature, pH, oxygen, ammonium nitrate. It is class feature. Also II. The station is in danger of organic pollution due to domestic waste. When the phytoplankton distribution in the region is examined; 84 taxa belonging phytoplankton Chlorophyta (6), Bacillariophyta (54), Cyanobacteria (15), Rhodophyta (1), Ochrophyta (1), Euglenophyta (2), Charophyta (3), Miozoa (2) were detected. In terms of organisms in the phytoplankton Bacillariophyta division was dominant and Cyanobacteria division was subdominant in the two stations. In the phytoplankton, Ulnaria ulna from Bacillariophyta, Nitzschia palea, Bacillaria paradoxa ,Encyonema sp., Navicula sp. and Nitzschia acicularis were mostly found. Lyngbya sp., Spirulina labyrinthiformis, Oscillatoria labyrinthiformis and Oscillatoria mougeotii species beloning to cyanobacteria match to second place in the terms of importance. Chlorophyta, Charophyta and Euglenophyta have not reached important numbers.


Bioindicator; Biodiversity; Phytoplankton; Munzur River; Water Quality

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