Performance of Boro Rice in Response to Different Application Methods of Urea Fertilizer

Ashick Ahmed, Mahbubur Rashid, Julfiker Rahman, Sirajul Islam


N (nitrogen) is an essential element that is very complex to manage. Adjustment to different application methods of N containing urea can be a crucial option for effective management of N. The experiment was carried out at the BRAC Agricultural Research and Development Centre, Gazipur during 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 growing seasons with the objectives to find out the response of genotypes and different urea fertilizer application methods on growth parameters, yield and yield attributes of Boro rice. The experiment was arranged in split-plot design with three replications having two genotypes viz. (i) V1 = GSR I Sal Y 1242 and (ii) V2 = BRRI dhan28 placed in main plot and four urea application methods viz. (i) T1 = 220 kg ha-1 PU at three equal splits (ii) T2= 2% foliar spray @ 80 kg ha-1 (iii) T3= 75 kg N ha-1 USG (2.7 g) and (iv) T4= LCC based urea @ 67.5 kg ha-1 placed in sub plot. Results showed that genotypes had non-significant influence for most of the growth parameters and yield components, whereas urea fertilizer application methods had significant effect on all growth parameters, yield and yield attributes except plant height at 40 DAT and 50% flowering stage. . With different methods of urea application, T4 achieved significantly the highest value of all growth parameters, yield and yield components with total N content hill-1 (3.859%) and harvest index (50.70%) except filled grain panicle-1 (82.98) at harvest. Among the interactive treatments, the highest number of tillers m-2 (351.66), dry weight hill-1 (88.13 g), panicle number m-2 (340.83), panicle length (23.33 cm) and grain yield (7.32 t ha-1) was obtained at V1T4. So, in aspect of yield and other parameters, V1T4 was the best treatment under the present study.


Boro rice; Urea fertilizer application methods; Growth parameters; Yield

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