Analysis of Polymorphisms on GH-MspI and IGF1-SnaBI Loci in Five Turkish Native Cattle Breeds

Yasemin Öner, Onur Yılmaz, Candan Eriş, Nezih Ata, Cihan Ünal, Seyrani Koncagül


Growth Hormone (GH) and Insulin like Growth Factor-I (IGF1) are members of somototrophine axis pathway. They play a role in key on several mechanisms such as postnatal growth, cell differentiation and metabolism. Due to their vital importance, polymorphisms on the genes coding are worth to be understood. In this study five native cattle breeds (Native Southern Yellow (NSY), South Anatolian Red (SAR), Anatolian Grey (AG), Native Black (NB), East Anatolian Red (EAR) were investigated by PCR-RFLP method for GH-MspI and IGF1-SnaBI loci. 198 and 194 samples were analyzed for GH-MspI and IGF1-SnaBI loci, respectively. In both two loci two alleles and three genotypes were observed. Predominant alleles were A and B for GH-MspI locus IGF1-SnaBI loci, respectively. Frequencies of A and B alleles were calculated between 0.400-0.875 and 0.846-0.903 for GH-MspI locus IGF1-SnaBI loci, respectively. While among investigated population only EAR population was at Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium for IGF1-SnaBI locus, for GH-MspI only, in SAR population no deviation from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.


Cattle; GH; IGF1; genetic diversity; polymorphism

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