Situation Analyses of Hazelnut Sector, The Necessity and Classification of Harvesting Machines

Faruk Güner, Mükrimin Şevket Güney


Hazelnut has an annual export revenue of approximately $2 billion as an important product for our country. About 65% of world’s hazelnut production is harvesting in Turkey. Due to the appropriate climatic conditions and availability of harvesting in the extreme sloppy and less qualified agricultural land of Ordu, Giresun and Trabzon, the protection and development of hazelnut-planted areas becomes among the priority issues. Due to the fact that machine farming has not been passed or not widespread in this region, production costs have increased such that they remain at very high levels when compared with other countries or other cities in Turkey. In this study, it has focused on hazelnut situation analysis, classification of harvesting machines, the necessity of mechanized harvesting, and sustainability of the hazelnut cultivation in less qualified sloppy mountainous areas.


Hazelnut; Harvesting; Collecting; Machine; Farming; Cost efficiency

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