Evaluation of Cocoa Bean Hulls as a Fat Replacer On Functional Cake Production

Elif Öztürk, Gülden Ova


The effects of raw and leached cocoa bean hulls were investigated as a fat replacer in pound cakes. This substitution was applied for raw (RCBH) and leached (LCBH) grinded cacao bean hulls/oil in the ratios of 30/70 (30%), 40/60 (40%) and 50/50 (50%). Chemical, physical and sensorial properties of raw and leached cocoa bean hulls were studied as well as fat substituted cakes. Ash, protein, total phenolic compounds and total antioxidant activity decreased with leaching process. Crude fiber content increased in fat substituted cakes compared to control cake. RCBH cakes showed higher bioactive components than LCBH cakes because of raw cocoa bean hulls were higher phenolic compounds and total antioxidant activities than leached cocoa bean hulls. The results showed that 50% of vegetable oil replacement with raw cocoa bean hull in cake formulation significantly improved chemical, physical and sensory properties of fat substituted cakes.


Cocoa bean hulls; Fat substituted cakes; Total antioxidant activity; Total phenolic compouns; Fiber

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24925/turjaf.v6i8.1043-1050.1934

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