Agricultural Business Law in North America and Turkey

İbrahim Çağan Kaya, Sema Gün


The concept of labour has come about with the economic activities of some persons or legal entities. The production of a good or service is carried out in accordance with the mutual business relationship. Along with the proletariat, which emerged in particular with the industrial revolution, legal rules have been required for the rights and obligations of workers and employers. This legal business relationship, which is mainly industrial, has doubts about its validity in the agricultural sector. Since the agricultural sector is based on a household labour force, a structure based on business contracts for procurement of goods and services from outside is quite rare. The lack of institutionalization in the agriculture sector, the absence of the agricultural proletariat, the intensification of self-employed households, and the lack of work contracts for seasonal workers have led agricultural employment law to remain a subsidiary of labour law only in developing countries like Turkey. In North America, especially the US and Canada, the agricultural labour law is a special legal entity within the legal system. The United States and Canada are governed by a federal system of governance, with each state having its own legal regulations as well as specific regulations. The aim of the study is to present work on agricultural labour law in the United States and Canada from North American countries and to compare it with agricultural labour law studies in Turkey. In this context, the legal regulations on agricultural wages, seasonal and migrant workers, child labour, social security and occupational health are examined in the United States and Canada and compared with Turkey's existing legislation.


Agricultural worker; Labour law; Agricultural labour law; Labour act; Agricultural law

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