The Role of Information in the Transition to Organic Farming of the Farmers: Kadirli Sample

Nermin Bahşi, Hasan Kurt


In this study, it is aimed to learn the level of organic farming knowledge of the farmers and farmers' willingness to pass organic agriculture, determining reasons for not yet commencing organic farming, the informational issues that might affect the trend towards organic farming and, demonstrate the importance of information on the passage of organic agriculture. For this purpose, a questionnaire survey was conducted with 85 farmers' face-to-face interviews determined according to stratified sampling method from the farmers registered in the Farmer Registration System in the Kadirli province of Osmaniye. In the study, it was determined that the farmers were not know of the organic agriculture concept and expressed it in large scale as unfertilized agriculture and natural agriculture. While producers use drug dealers as a source of information on agricultural practices, they express that mass media are the most convenient source of information. It is also seen that the farmers find the informational about organic agriculture insufficient.


Organic farming; Information; Information resource; Awareness; Level of knowledge

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