Determination of Technical Efficiency of Soybean Producing Enterprises in Adana, Turkey

Serhan Candemir, Nuray Kızılaslan


In this study, input oriented efficiency analysis of soybean growing in Adana province was performed. Data were collected from 84 farmers with face to face survey method by using stratified sampling method. In the analysis of data economic analysis of soybean production was performed and after input use efficiency in soybean production was analysed by Data Envelopment Analysis. In addition, the distribution of expenditure and income components is examined according to the status of the enterprises being efficiency. According to the analysis results, the average soybean area width in Adana province is 121.78 and average soybean yield 430 kg/da calculated as. According to DEA with input oriented, technical efficiency was calculated as 0.881, pure technical efficiency as 0.950 and scale efficiency as 0.920.


Soybean; Data envelopment analysis; Efficiency; Cost analysis; Adana

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