A Research on The Production Costs and Profitability of Some Vegetables Produced in Adıyaman Province

İsmail Ukav


In this study, it has been aimed to calculate the production costs of eggplant, pepper, tomato and cucumber which are among the important agricultural product in the province of Kahta, Adıyaman. Besides this, it has been also aimed to expose the financial values of the inputs which are used, to identify the gross production values and to compare the product profitability. The data belong to 2016 year of production. Simple statistical methods have been used in the analysis. As a result of the analyses made, in 2016, the costs of eggplant, pepper, tomato and cucumber have been calculated as following: 0.68 TL/kg for the eggplant; 0.81 TL/kg for the pepper; 0.59 TL/kg for the tomato, and 0.52 TL/kg. Labour and the fertilizer costs form almost half of the production costs. The comparison of the examined products’ profits has been done by calculating the gross profit, the net profit and the relative profit. It has been found out that pepper has the highest gross profit with 2415.00 TL/de, and cucumber has the lowest with 582.50 TL/de. Addition to this, eggplant which is cultivated densely in the district has a gross profit with 2249.50 TL/de, and tomato’s gross profit is 975.75 TL/de. The net profit for pepper is 2245.17 TL/de, for the eggplant 2079.74, for the tomato 801.60 TL/de, and for the cucumber 405.53 TL/de. The relative profit, which shows the money that business obtain in return of they invest 1 TL, is the highest in pepper with 3.10 The lowest relative profit is in cucumber with 1.34. The relative profit of the eggplant is 2.95 and 1.70 for the tomato. It is foreseen that with the widespread of irrigated farming in the district, the cultivation of the so-called products will be improved and the agricultural income will increase significantly.


Cost; Profitability; Agricultural income; Adıyaman; Agricultural products

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