Low Cost Provides of the Energy Needs of Plateau Houses by Using Photovoltaic Systems

Hilmi Zenk


Renewable energy interest is increasing day by day due to the progressive decline of fossil fuels and negative effects on the environment. As is known, generating energy using solar energy is the most popular of renewable energy source applications. One of the reasons for this is that the sun, which is the source of all the energy in the world, will give energy for a very long time. Another important reason is the rapid developments in semiconductor electronics technology. Direct solar water heating with solar collector, power generation without photovoltaic panels, and even power generation with concentrated parabolic systems. In this research, electricity is generated by solar panels used in a traditional plateau house, photovoltaic solar batteries from solar energy and electricity stored in battery benches and electricity stored in the battery is converted to mains electricity through an inverter if necessary. Saving electric elements at home are selected, and the minimum power required for basic needs is provided. In addition, the economics of the designed system was investigated and efficiency analysis was carried out considering the energy efficiency at the optimum level.


Plateau house; Solar energy; Photovoltaic solar battery; Energy unit cost; Off-grid energy systems

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