Economic Development Analysis of Maize Production in Turkey

Zeki Bayramoğlu, Merve Bozdemir


In this study, it is aimed to investigate the economic development of maize, which is an important source of food and industrial raw materials in the world and in Turkey. For this purpose, values related to the field, production amount, productivity, production-consumption balance, import-export values, domestic and international prices of maize cultivated from secondary data were analysed. Countries that produce and consume maize as the main maize in the world, as well as countries that evaluate maize as a foreign trade issue are compared in terms of the data they have. As a result of the evaluations made in the external markets and the domestic market, the economic development of maize has been revealed. As in the world, Turkey also have increased efficiency and production areas in corn as the amount of production and consequently also been shown to be an increase in the quantity and consumption. While the United States America (USA) ranks first in corn production and consumption, maize is most commonly used in animal production areas. When import and export values were examined, the US was successful in terms of domestic consumption and played an important role in the export of corn as well as domestic consumption. In Turkey, the qualifications of the corn in the 2016/17 production year and determined as 87,80% as of year are determined now adequacy ratio. Depending on the population growth in the world, it is expected that the increase in food demand, the search for alternative energy sources and the breadth of corn use will lead to an increase in demand in the coming years and thus an increase in the economic value created.


Economic development; Maize; The importance of maize; Maize production in Turkey

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