The Socio-Economic Structure of Farmers Related to Organic Olive Cultivation and The Knowledge Level and Approaches Towards Organic Agriculture

Damla Özsayın, Sibel Tan, Bengü Everest


In this study, it was aimed to examine of socio-economic structure of farmers related to organic olive cultivation activity in Gökçeada district of Çanakkale province in Turkey and to determine the knowledge level and approaches towards their organic agriculture. The data of the present study were obtained by survey from 121 farms related to organic olive cultivation determined by using the whole counting method. Data cover the production period in 2016-2017. Descriptive statistics and 5-point Likert-type scale was used to analyse the data. According to the results of study, it was found that the average age of farmers was 53.6 years, the average year of schooling of farmers was 7.5, the average household size was 3.7 persons, the average experience of farmers in organic olive cultivation was also 8.3 years and 10.7% of the farmers had the highest income (50.001₺-60.000₺). Furthermore, the most consciousness level about organic agriculture was determined as ''not use hazardous chemicals for nature and health in organic agriculture'' concept for farmers that make organic olive cultivation. As a result, this study is expected to contribute the development of district's economy and to rural development.


Gökçeada; Likert scale; Organic agriculture; Olive; Consciousness level

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