Investigation of Chicken Meat Consumption Habits in Terms of Improvement of Broiler Breeding: A Case Study of Uşak Province

Atila Yıldız, Asuman Arslan Duru


This study is consisted of data obtained from the survey conducted with 400 consumers in Uşak province urban area. As a result of the analysis, the average amount of annual per capita chicken meat consumed was calculated as 13.64 kg. The average amount of consumption increases due to the increase in income level. 39.2% of the consumers (consume chicken meat once a week. However, nearly half of consumers (41.7%) consume chicken meat, this is one third in total meat consumption. This ratio is changing according to income groups. Consumers supply chicken meat from vendors, grocery stores and groceries. The main reason for consumption of chicken meat for consumers; low price, easy to find on the market and healthy. Nearly half (42.5%) of the consumers prefer whole chick. The percentage of those consumed in the chicken meat consumed by the consumers is very low. Factors that are effective on consumers preferences for chicken meat; the freshness of the product, the price, the type of packaging, the quality, the producer company, the advertisement of the product, the taste of the consumer and the date of manufacture of the product. According to consumer preference (but, baguette, chest, wings etc.) processed products can be prepared according to the grill or other purposes and presented to the consumer. As consumers are prepared to extra payment for organic (ecological) food products, the farmers can be guided by incentives to organic poultry breeding systems.


Chicken meat; Consumer preference; Consumption; Uşak province; Chi-Square

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