Comparison of Saanen x Hair Goat Crossbred (F1, G1) and Hair Goat Raised at The Farm Conditions in Terms of Milk Yield Characteristics

Hilal Tozlu Çelik, Mustafa Olfaz


This study was conducted to determine milk yield characteristics and its effect on genotypes, years and ages Hair goat x Saanen crossbred and Hair goat breed between 2011-2012 years in private enterprise which is located in Amasya province Sarılar village. In this study, the effect of genotypes was found significant on average daily milk yield, lactation length and lactation milk yield in 2011 and 2012 years. In 2011, the effect of goat ages were determined on average daily milk yield (ADMY) and lactation milk yield (LMY) for all goat genotypes. In 2012, the effect of goat ages was determined on average daily milk yield and lactation length (LL) for all goat genotypes. The effect of year F1 and Hair goat were found significant on ADMY, LMY, and LL. The effect of year was found significant on only LL for G1 genotype. As a result it can be say that Saanen goat x Hair goat crossbred F1 and G1 genotype milk yield was higher than Hair goat reared in farmer conditions.


Saanen; Crossbred Goat; Hair Goat; Milk Yield; Lactation

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