The Effect of Different Location and Sowing Times on the Quality Criteria of Cowpea

Leyla İdikut, Gülay Zulkadir, Cumali Polat, Songül Çiftçi, Ayşe Betül Önem


In this study, the effects of on 20 April, 5 May, 20 May, 5 June, 20 June, 5 July and 20 July sowing times application in Kahramanmaras and Sanlıurfa conditions on the quality criteria of Simal cowpea variety were researched. The experiment was established in 2015 as a randomized trial design with four replications. The pod length, number of grain of each pod, dry hay weight, moisture ratio, oil ratio, protein ratio and starch ratio characteristics of Simal variety (Vigna sinensis L.) were investigated. At the end of the research, it was noted that the number of grain of each pod, dry hay weight, the moisture ratio, the oil ratio, the protein ratio of cowpea, in terms of the locations, sowing times and locationxsowing time interactions were significantly different. It was determined that the length of pod is insignificant in terms of sowing time, and starch ratio was significantly showed differs in terms of location and location x sowing time interactions. The grain number of each pod, the weight of dry hay, the moisture ratio, the fat ratio, the protein ratio, starch ratio of cowpea were reported varieties from 7 to11.37 unit, from 361 to 1631 kg da, from 10.87 to 13.44%, from 1.28 to 2.11%, from 22.81 to 25.45%, from 42.11 to 49.77% respectively. As a result, it was observed that the characteristics of the cowpea investigated were affected by the environmental conditions.


Cowpea; Locations; Sowing times; Quality criteria; Vigna sinensis L.

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