Multivariate Analysis for Umbel per plant in Land races of Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.)

Hari Shankar Yadava


Twenty five land races from Madhya Pradesh and ten germplasm of coriander were evaluated in four environments to assess umbel per plant using multivariate analysis. Mean sum of squares due to genotypes, environments and GEI were highly significant for umbels per plant. Variation in GEI was mainly due to heterogeneity. ). PCA 1 and PCA 2 captures the 99.42% of interaction sum of squares hence, these two principal component axes were the best predictive. The potential environment the potential environments E3 (high fertility, 2009-10) bearing lowest interaction effect while, least potential environments E2 (low fertility, 2008-09) exhibited high PCA scores. The biplot of genotype, environment and IPCA 1 showed three groups. One group exhibited the similar main effects (mean umbels per plant) to the grand mean. The second group showed high interaction effect varied in direction while third group bear the low interaction effect. AMMI Stability Values (ASV), ranging from from 7.444 to 31.099 was lowest in RVC 8 followed by RVC 4, RVC 11, RVC 21, RVC 9 and RVC 3 whereas, it was noted maximum in RVC 19 followed by Moroccan, CS 193, Simpo S 33 and G 5363. The genotypes exhibiting low IPCA scores and ASV namely, RVC 8, RVC 4, RVC 11, RVC 21, RVC 19 and RVC 25 showed wider adaptability for umbels per plant while, RVC 19, Moroccan, CS 193, Simpo S 33 and G 5363 exhibiting specific adaptability towards environmental conditions. These genotypes can be utilized in breeding programmes to transfer the adaptability genes for umbel per plant into high yielding genetic back ground in coriander.


Multivariate analysis; AMMI Stability Values; Principal component analysis; Genotype – environment interaction; Land races; Germplasm

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