Design of a Small Scale Pilot Biodiesel Production Plant and Determination of the Fuel Properties of Biodiesel Produced With This Plant

Tanzer Eryılmaz, Muttalip Erkan


A small scale pilot biodiesel production plant that has a volume of 65 liters/day has been designed, constructed and tested. The plant was performed using oil mixture (50% wild mustard seed oil + 50% refined canola oil) and methanol with sodium hydroxide (NaOH) catalyst. The fuel properties of biodiesel indicated as density at 15oC (889.64 kg/m3), kinematic viscosity at 40oC (6.975 mm2/s), flash point (170oC), copper strip corrosion (1a), water content (499.87 mg/kg), and calorific value (39.555 MJ/kg), respectively.


Pilot biodiesel production plant; wild mustard seed crude oil; refined canola oil; oil mixture; biodiesel; fuel property

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