Some Observations on Relationships of the Liver, Ovary and Body Weights for Pipefish Species at the Lake Bafa Coasts (Muğla)

Sule Gurkan, Ertan Taskavak, Deniz Innal


This study aims to determine various relationships between liver, gonad and body weights of the two pipefish species caught in two breeding seasons from the Bafa Lake (Muğla) coasts between 2014 -2016. Using beach seine-net in the lake, a total of 208 pipefish specimens (79 Synathus abaster and 129 Synathus acus) were sampled. L-W relationship and Fulton condition factor were W = 2E - 0.94.01, 0.035 ± 0.009 in S.abaster specimens. Also LW relationships and condition factor were W = 8E-0.93.83 , 0.033 ± 0.01 in S. acus. On the other hand mean ± SD of HSI and GSI values were 2.18 ± 1.65 and 7.69 ± 7.12 respectively. In S.acus values 3.22 ± 3.13 and 5.49 ± 5.12 as well. The decrease in HIS and K values, provides sufficient information to claim that species in the lake spend all energy requirement obtained with proper feeding to growth and gonad development.


Pipefish; Syngnathus abaster; Syngnathus acus; Hepatosomatic index; Lake Bafa; Turkey.

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