Preliminary Evaluation of Anti-Listerial Bacteriocin-like Peptide Produced by Enterococcus lactis PMD74 Isolated from Ezine Cheese

Başar Uymaz Tezel


Enterococcus lactis PMD74 is a novel strain with a notably high antimicrobial activity. The present study evaluated the anti-listerial effect of a bacteriocin-like peptide (BLIP) produced by E. lactis PMD74 isolated from Ezine cheese (PDO). The strain was screened for its antimicrobial activity against 22 indicator strains using both agar spot and well diffusion methods. We observed that the neutralized cell-free supernatant (CFS) of E. lactis PMD74 exhibited varying levels of antimicrobial activity against both closely and distantly related pathogenic strains, with the highest activity displayed against Listeria monocytogenes strains. Although thermostable and resistant to lysozyme treatment, BLIP could be completely inactivated by trypsin, proteinase K, and α-chymotrypsin treatments. BLIP production starts in the early exponential growth phase of E. lactis PMD74 (3 h incubation, 400 AU mL–1) and reaches its maximal production (6400 AU mL–1) at the end of the exponential growth phase. Moreover, it is stable in the pH range of 2.0 to 7.0. The treatment of cultures of L. monocytogenes ATCC 7644 and Escherichia coli ATCC 26922 with sterilized CFS exhibited bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects, respectively. Furthermore, co-inoculation of L. monocytogenes ATCC 7644 and E. lactis PMD74 in skim milk led to complete loss of viability of L. monocytogenes ATCC 7644. These findings suggest that BLIP produced by E. lactis PMD74 could serve as a promising food preservative agent owing to its bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties.


Ezine cheese; Enterococcus lactis; anti-listerial activity; bacteriocin-like peptide; Listeria monocytogenes

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