Effect of Probiotics on the Formation of Dental Caries

Safiye Selin Köymen, Mağrur Kazak


According to the report of World Health Organization / Food and Drug Administration, probiotics are expressed as, ‘‘live microorganisms that have a positive effect on the health of the host when consumed in sufficient quantities’’. People use probiotics to treat diseases and to promote general health. Probiotic bacteria should adhere to the tooth surface to prevent and slow down the tooth decay and also should join to the microbial dental plaque bacteria. However, probiotic bacteria should damage and compete with the cariogenic bacteria and prevent the growth of bacteria. In addition, probiotic bacteria should be able to reduce the acid production by affecting the carbohydrate metabolism. Probiotic is a new and interesting research topic in oral microbiology and oral diseases. A wide range of epidemiological investigations will demonstrate the different benefits of probiotics on human health.


Nutrition; Dental Caries; Microorganisms; Probiotics; Oral Health

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