Determination of Some Early Maturing Mandarin and Orange Varieties Under Güzelyurt-Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Conditions

Berken Çimen, Turgut Yesiloglu, Bilge Yılmaz, Meral İncesu, Müge Uysal Kamiloglu, Hüseyin Karanfiloglu


The purpose of this study was to determine the optimal time to harvest and length of the harvesting period in two early-maturing Okitsu and Clausellina mandarins and two early-maturing Navelina and Newhall oranges under Güzelyurt-Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) ecological conditions. Fruit weight, fruit length, rind thickness, fruit juice, brix, acid and brix/acid ratio were determined. Fruit were harvested at three different times. Okitsu and Clausellina mandarins were harvested in September, October and November; Navelina and Newhall oranges were harvested in October, November and December. Harvest date x variety interaction effect was significantly important on fruit weight, fruit height and maturity index in mandarins whereas interaction effect of harvest date and variety was significantly important on fruit weight, citric acid concentration and maturity index in orange varieties. Maturity indexes were found 4.22, 7.26 and 10.34 on September, October and December, respectively in mandarins whereas maturity indexes were determined as 6.47, 9.47 and 13.42 in oranges. Additionally, fruit size were positively affected by the increasing harvest date in mandarin and orange varieties. As a result of the findings obtained from this study, the optimum harvest date for mandarin varieties and Newhall navel as october and it was determined that the optimum harvest date Navelina navel was November under Güzelyurt ecological conditions


Citrus; Adaptation; Ripening; Fruit quality; TRNC

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