Improvement of Sperm Motility of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss W., 1792) by Supplementation of L-Arginine

Durali Danabaş, Mehmet Kocabaş, Filiz Kutluyer


In this study, the effect of supplementing amino acid-precursor of nitric oxide (NO) L-arginine were examined on sperm motility of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss. Different concentrations [0 mM (Control), 1 mM, 2 mM, 4 mM and 8 mM] of L-arginine were used in the study. To assess the effects on percentage of motile sperm and longevity, L-arginine was added to activation medium containing NaCl (52 mM). The higher L-arginine concentration (4mM) has promoting-effect on sperm motility. The treatments containing L-arginine caused significant effect on percentage of motile sperm and longevity. Overall, the findings of the present study indicated that supplementation of L-arginine may have improving effects on sperm motility of rainbow trout.


L-arginine; Sperm Quality; Oncorhynchus mykiss; Rainbow Trout; Amino Acid

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