Effect of Different Rates of Rice Husk Biochar on the Initial Growth of Moringa oleifera under Greenhouse Conditions in the Savannah Ecological Zone of Ghana

Ammal Abukari, Nasare Iddrisu Nasare


This investigation was conducted to evaluate the outcome of rice husk biochar on growth performance of moringa. The study was carried-out in a greenhouse for 52 days. Different rates of rice husk biochar (150 to 350 g) was mixed with 500 g of soil. A Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with 3 treatments (each of which was replicated 3 times) was used, giving a total of 12 experimental units. Plant height, stem diameter and number of leaves were assessed for each treatment. Results indicate that rice husk biochar (150 g, 250 g and 350 g) significantly increased the stem diameter of moringa as compared to that of the control 52 days after in the greenhouse. An increase in the number of leaves were observed at 150 g rice husk biochar after 40 days compared to the control. There were significant differences between treatments effects on all the parameters. Different rates of biochar certainly could constitute vital use of fertilizer to improve growth moringa in the nursery.


Rice husk biochar; Moringa oleifera; multipurpose; growth; nutrient content

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