The Effect of Some Environmental Factors on Growth Performance and Reproductive Traits in Saanen Goats

Deniz Dinçel, Sena Ardicli, Hale Samli, Mehmet Mustafa Ogan, Faruk Balci


This study was carried out to determine the effect of non-genetic factors on growth and reproductive traits in Saanen goats. For this aim, total of 274 Saanen goats and kids were investigated for growth and reproductive traits in South Marmara Region of Turkey. Fertility parameters were evaluated during two reproductive years. Saanen kids were measured from birth to 6 months of life. The average live weights at birth, weaning, 60th, 90th, 120th and 180th days of age were calculated and determined as 3.05±0.04kg, 11.80±0.27kg, 12.26±0.08kg, 14.20±0.32kg, 17.41±0.45kg, 25.01±0.65kg, respectively. The effects of sex and birth type on live weights until 90th days of age; maternal age only on birth weight; month at birth on all of investigated days were found significant statistically. The pregnancy, birth rate per pregnancy (BRP), birth rate per mating (BRM), infertility, abortion, kidding rate (single, twin or triplet), survival rate (until weaning), number of kids per parturition (NKP), number of kids per mating (NKM) were found; 92.98%, 85.07%, 91.25%, 7.02%, 8.75%, 36.12%, 49.00%, 14.88%, 89.13% and 1.74±0.06, 1.42±0.07 respectively. The effects of maternal age on all rates (out of BRM and abortion rate); the year on birth, abortion, single kidding rate, survival rate and NKM were found significant for reproductive traits. The advanced reproductive performance and rapid growth rates were observed in Saanen goats. Environmental factors such as age, year, sex, birth type and month at birth were found significant on some growth and reproductive traits in Saanen. So consideration of these factors could be useful as a selection criteria in dairy goat breeding.


Goats; enviromental factors; fertility; growth; Saanen

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