Plant Growth, Yield and Sprout Quality in Brussels Sprouts Sowed in Different Periods in Çukurova Region Conditions

İbrahim Burak Yılmaz, Nebahat Sarı


In this study, plant growth, yield and sprout quality were investigated by planting at three different periods in three different Brussels sprout varieties in Çukurova Region. In this research, the effects of four different sowing and planting times on plant height (cm), main shoot diameter (mm), leaf number (number/plant), yield (g/m2), sprout weight (g), sprout diameter (mm), sprout height (mm), vitamin C (mg/100 g), antioxidant capacity [μmol trolox equivalents (TE)/g] and total phenolic content [mg gallic acid equivalent (GAE)/100 g] were investigated in Franklin Fı, Maximus Fı and Divino Fı Brussels sprout varieties. According to the research results; Maximus Fı variety was found to be longer, thicker and more leafy than the other varieties in terms of plant height, main shoot diameter and number of leaves. Based on yield, Maximus Fı variety was recorded to be more efficient (584.88 g/m2) than the other varieties (367.97 g/m2 and 259.82 g/m2 in Franklin Fı and Divino Fı, respectively). Maximus Fı was superior than the other Brussels sprout varieties, Franklin Fı and Divino Fı in terms of sprout weight, sprout diameter and sprout height. When the planting times were evaluated, it was recorded that the 1st period was more suitable in terms of both yield and sprout characteristics compared to the other periods. In the vitamin C content, antioxidant capacity and total phenolic content, Franklin Fı was showed higher rates than the other varieties and more nutrient content was detected in the late plantings.


Brussels sprouts; Quality; Yield; Vitamin C; Phenolic content

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