Effects of Zn Applications on Dry Matter Yield and Mineral Nutrient Uptake of Corn and Wheat Crops in Two Different Regions of Soils with Zinc Deficiency

Ayfer Alkan Torun, Ebru Duymuş, Halil Erdem, Mustafa Bülent Torun


The aim of this study is to determine the effect of zinc (Zn), which is a common nutritional problem for both plant and human health, on corn and wheat plants. In the research carried out in greenhouse conditions, Zn (Zn0: 0 mg Zn kg-1, Zn5: 5 mg Zn kg-1) was applied to Çukurova and Niğde soils having a natural Zn deficiency and yield and mineral nutrient concentrations of wheat and corn plants were determined. Shoot dry matter yields of wheat and corn plants in both soils significant increased by Zn application. Zinc application caused to 20 and 76% shoot dry matter yield increase for wheat in Çukurova and Niğde soils. The increase in corn pants were greater which was 174% in Çukurova soil and 127% in Niğde soil. The Zn concentration was significantly increased with the increased shoot dry matter yield, while shoot Fe, Mn and Cu concentrations were decreased with Zn applications.


Zinc; Corn; Wheat; Çukurova; Niğde

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