The Evaluation of Irrigation Water Resources of Manisa Region in terms of Soil, Plant and Drip Irrigation System

Pınar Doğan, Üstün Şahin


Chemical quality analysis results of 5 surface and 30 groundwater resources commonly used in agricultural irrigation in Manisa province were evaluated and the possible effects on soil, plant and drip irrigation system were determined. In this context, the cation (Ca, Mg, Na, K), anion (CO3, HCO3, CI, SO4), Fe, B contents, pH and electrical conductivity values of the water resources as well as the Percentage Sodium, Sodium Adsorption Ratio and the Adjusted Sodium Adsorption Ratio determined by the calculation Permanent Sodium Carbonate, Langelier Saturation Index, Potential Salinity, Permeability Index and Hardness parameters were used. The results indicated that the potential of problem of surface water resources is higher than that of ground water. Salihli-Köseali, Necati bey farms and Alaşehir-Kasaplı underground water resources are used more serious problems than other underground water resources. According to the type of problem that may occur, recommendations were made on measures including washing, salt-resistant plant growing, addition of organic matter and natural Ca sources and the application of dilute acid.


Irrigation water quality; Plant; Soil; Drip irrigation system; Chemical quality

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