Phylogenetic Analysis of Chrysochamela (Fenzl) Boiss. (Brassicaceae) Taxa Growing in Turkey

Emre Sevindik, Mehmet Yavuz Paksoy, Feyzanur Topseçer, Melike Aydoğan


In this study, we performed a genetic diversity analysis using RAPD (Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA) and ISSR (Inter simple sequence repeat) markers for some Chrysochamela species growing in Turkey. PCR was performed using RAPD and ISSR primers and genomic DNA samples from each specimen, and the resulting bands were scored. Phylogenetic relationships and genetic distances between the studied taxa were calculated using the PAUP analysis program. According to the RAPD analysis, the closest genetic distance was found to be 0.20000 between C. noeana populations, while the most distant values were found as 0.60000 between C. noeana and C. elliptica. The ISSR analysis also revealed the closest genetic distance as 0.34043 between C. noeana populations, while the most distant values were found to be 0.55319 between C. noeana and C. elliptica. UPGMA (unweighted pair group method with arithmetic mean) dendrogram generated for both RAPD and ISSR analyses consisted of two groups. As a result, it was found that RAPD data were more appropriate for comparison with the previous anatomical and morphological data of the studied taxa.


Chrysochamela; RAPD; ISSR; Phylogenetic analysis; Turkey

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