Scavenging Effect, Chemical Composition and Antispasmodic Activity of the Essential Oil of Origanum Onites L.

Hüseyin Saygın, Bülent Saraç


Origanum onites L essential oil of antispasmodic activity, chemical composition and the radical scavenging were determined in vitro. GC-MS analysis that was been carried out upon the essential oil revealed 31 different composites which equal to 94.60% in which Carvacrol (49.01%), linalool (13.3%) were found as major components. Free radical scavenging capacities of the essential oil were measured by 2,2-diphenyl-1-pikrilhidrazil (DPPH) assay and via β-carotene linoleic acid experiment were determined. It showed IC50 value of Origanum onites essential oil was been identified as 430 mg/mL, the IC50 value for BHT was 19.8 mg/mL, the β-carotene linoleic acid assay also showed the 80% inhibition with the essential oil of Origanum showed very strong antioxidant activity. In addition, dose dependently (0.1, 0.5, 1.0 and 2 mg/mL) inhibits the contraction induced by, it was able to inhibit the rat ileum muscle by 2 mg/mL to 100%.


Origanum Onites L; Antioxidant activity; Antispasmodic activity; Essential oils; Rat ileum

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