Bioactive Peptides in Milk and Milk products, Antimicrobial Properties and Effects on Human Health

Selda Bulca, Burcu Güvenç


In recent years, apart from the nutritional values of foods, functional properties have also gained importance. Bioactive peptides are the fragmentation products of proteins that have a positive effect on human health. Bioactive peptides in cow's milk are released as a result of hydrolysis of milk proteins with proteolytic enzymes. Bioactive peptides have biochemical and physiological properties such as immune regulation, mineral binding, antimicrobial, antihypertensive, opioid, anti-oxidative, anti-ulcerative, antithrombotic, antitumor and apoptosis. In this review, bioactive peptides in milk and milk products and their antimicrobial properties and effects on human health were evaluated.


Bioactive peptides; Functional foods; Cow’s milk; Human health; Antimicrobial properties

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