Current Situation, Problems and Solution of Dairy Cattle Enterprises in Uşak Province

Sibel Alapala Demirhan, Mevlüt Yenilmez


In this study, it was aimed to determine the organizational structure, current state and problems of the dairy cattle breeding enterprises in the province of Uşak and to develop solutions to these problems according to the number of cattle they have. In the study, a questionnaire consisting of 95 questions was applied to 165 enterprises owners selected by multi-stage random sampling method and the obtained data were evaluated with the help of SPSS program package. Enterprises are grouped by animal assets; the enterprises having 1-9 heads cattle were classified as the first group, the enterprises having 10-20 heads cattle were classified as the second group and the enterprises having 21 heads and more cattle were classified as the third group. It was found that the daily milk yield varies significantly among the groups. It was determined that 16.80 kg/day in the 1st group, 19.50 kg/day in the 2nd group and 22.60 kg/day milk yield was obtained in the 3rd group. It was determined that many activities and parameters related cattle production in the 3rd group are highly good. However, it was determined that the main problems experienced particularly in small-scale enterprises are the supply of concentrate feed and coarse fodder, high cost of basic inputs such as feed and failure in marketing the produced products at a value price. It can be suggested that if the feed intake is supplied within the organization and the produced products are directly marketed, then these problems can be alleviated. It has been determined that dairy cattle businesses, which are mostly small scale family type enterprises in Uşak province, should be developed to large scale commercial enterprises where intensive production is carried out by providing various incentives and support.


Barn Feeding; Dairy Cattle; Breeding; Milk Yield; Problems

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