Recovery of Bioactive Peptides from Food Wastes and Their Bioavailability Properties

Ahmet Görgüç, Esra Gençdağ, Fatih Mehmet Yılmaz


Global urbanization and population growth obstruct the food waste management and cause uncontrolled accumulation of wastes. Ensuring the correct and efficient use and recycling of wastes having high protein content and generated throughout the food production and supply chain is becoming more important both in our country and all over the world. The evaluation of by-products released in the food industry is important for the development of new functional products and for greater economic rate of return on industrial scale. In this respect, bioactive peptides obtained from plant/animal wastes and rich in protein come into prominence. Bioactive peptides are also of great importance for human health because of their functional properties. In this review, functional properties of bioactive peptides obtained from protein-rich food wastes and their bioavailability mechanisms in human gastrointestinal system are discussed.


Food wastes; Bioactive peptides; Bioavailability; Recovery; Gastrointestinal digestion

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