Attitudes and Behaviours of Farmers in Using of Pesticides in Çarşamba District of Samsun

Aybike Bayraktar, Ismet Boz


While the use of pesticides in plant production has positive effects on yield and quality, it has negative effects on human and environmental health. The environment is polluted by the intense and unconscious use of chemicals in agriculture, and the absence of environmentally friendly agricultural methods. This causes problems in the long term, such as reduced biodiversity and disruption of natural balance. This study is important because there are many problems such as the producers' failure to effectively apply methods of combating diseases, pests, and weeds in agricultural production, the use of unnecessary and wrong doses of pesticides, and the methods other than chemical control are not preferred. The aim of this study was to examine the attitudes and behaviors of farmers towards use of pesticides in Çarşamba District of Samsun Province. For this purpose, a survey was conducted with 112 farmers determined by stratified sampling method. According to the findings, most of the farmers in the region do not prefer other methods different form chemical control methods. While farmers found the effectiveness of pesticides at a medium level, they found the price levels of pesticides high. While there is a perception that over-using pesticides adversely affects the environment, biological control methods are not known enough. Various research, education, and extension studies should be carried out for farmers to use pesticides more consciously, and to apply methods other than chemical control.


Pesticides; Pest management; Environmental awareness; Attitudes and behaviours; Sustainable agriculture

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