The Effect of Heating the Honey with Bein-marie Method and Ultrasonic Bath on Honey Crystallization

Ethem Akyol, Mustafa Güneşdoğdu


This study was carried out to determine the effect of ultrasonic bath and bain-marie heat treatment on recrystallization/crystallization of polifloral and cotton honey. Crystallized solid and liquid honey samples obtained from local beekeepers were subjected to ultrasonic bath and bain-marie heat treatment for 2 hours at 25°C and 50°C. Honey samples without any treatment were used as a control group for comparison. While the average crystallization rate of honeys in which ultrasonic heat treatment was applied was 8.75%, the average crystallization rate in honeys treated with bain-marie method was found to be 31.25%. In the control group, the average crystallization rate was found to be 90%. As a result, significant differences were found between the effects of applied heat treatments on crystallization and it was determined that 50°C ultrasonic bath method would be an effective application for 2 hours to avoid crystallization of honeys.


Honey; Bain-marie; Biochemical; Cristalization; Ultrasonic treatment

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