Determination of Storage Responses and Quality Changes of Some Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Cultivars During Storage

Arif Şanlı, Sena Özcan, Fatma Zehra Ok


This research aimed to determine the yield performance and post-harvest storage behavior of potato Cultivars with different maturing groups under Isparta conditions at 2018. In this study, Agria, Agata, Alegria, Desiree, Granola, Hermes, Lady Anna, Marabel, Morphona and Russet Burbank potato Cultivars, which were widely cultivated in Turkey, were used. After determining the yield performance of cultivars under field conditions, tuber samples taken from each cultivar were stored at 6-8°C for 6 months. Tuber yields of Cultivars varied between 2860-5331 kg/da and vegetation period ranged between 97.7-146.6 days. In the storage period, the time taken to break the dormancy in 50% of the tubers ranged between 23.3-111.6 days, and dormancy was broken earlier in the early season Cultivars. At the end of the 6 months storage period, it was determined that the Cultivars lost weight between 4.13-6.48%. Starch ratios, reducing sugar content and French fries yields varied depending on the storage time of the cultivars, but generally decreased during storage period. There were significant changes in the quality of French fry and table stock. In the storage period Cultivars with low dry matter ratio which are not suitable for the French fries industry and the Cultivars with early characteristics had higher weight and quality losses in storage. It was concluded that dormancy duration, maturing characteristics of potato Cultivars had a significant effect on storage quality, and therefore, storage period should be determined by taking into account the varietal characteristics in potato storage.


Potato; Cultivar; Storage; Dormancy; Quality change

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