Effect of Different Gamma Ray Doses on Some Agricultural Characteristics of Two Row Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

İlknur Akgün, Tuğçe Ayşe Karakoca, Ruziye Karaman


In this study, the effect of different doses of gamma ray (200, 300, 400 and 500 Gy) applied on seeds of Tarm-92 two-row barley varieties on some agricultural properties were investigated. The research was conducted in 2016-2017 vegetation period under Isparta conditions. In M1 generation, normal and abnormal plants are harvested separately according to the spike and plant appearance at each dose and 9 different [200, 200 A, 300, 300 A, 400, 400 A, 400 A (plants with double spike formation and branching tendency in spike Ç.B.) 500 and 500 A gray] groups were formed. A total of 10 plots with control (no irradiation) were included in the M2 generation. Results showed that the effect of gamma ray application on the thousand grain weight, test weight, ratio of husk and protein content was significant statistically. While increasing the ratio of husk and protein content, gamma ray application significantly reduced the weight of a thousand grains and test weight. In this research, plant height, spike length, number of grain per spike and weight of grain per spike were investigated on a single plant. Discriminant analysis was done and distance between groups was determined. The rate of plants similar to control in examined characters in M2 generation is 400 Gy 7.83%, 200 Gy 10%, 300 Gy 19.60% and 500 Gy 22.22%. When the coefficients containing linear separation functions are examined, it is determined that the most effective feature is spike length.


Barley; Gamma-rays; Test weight; Husk; Protein

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