Current Situation and Problems of Enterprises Producing Grapevine Saplings

Rüstem Cangi, Kürşad Durmaz, Esen Oruç


The aim of this research was to determine the structural characteristics of the grapevine sapling producing enterprises and to reveal the problems. The main material of study are data were obtained from questionnaire study. In the study, face-to-face interviews were conducted with 12 enterprises which are members of Sapling Producers Sub-Union (SPSU). During the research period, there were 33 SPSU members, but the majority of these enterprises were small-sized and engaged in the purchase and sale without production. In the research, it was tried to be interviewed with all of the large capacity, both production and sales, and 12 of 33 enterprises were interviewed. The interviewed enterprises hold a large part of the grapevine sapling market. The obtained data were evaluated and interpreted by means of percentage distribution tables, average, maximum and minimum calculations. According to the results of the research, enterprises have been producing grapevine saplings on average at the commercial level for 12 years. All of the interviewed enterprises produce bare-rooted saplings. In addition, potted (58.33%) and American grapevine (25%) saplings also are produced. Grafted sapling yield rates of enterprises have been determined as 45% in own root saplings and 72% in potted sapling. 67% of the producers reported that they have problems in sapling marketing and carrying and storing saplings is a significant problem at this stage. The producers demanded that measures to prevent the informal production from authorities.


Grapevine sapling; Sapling production; Nursery sector; Situation of enterprises; Problems of enterprises

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