Zooplankton Variation of Murat River (Elazığ- within the borders Palu district)

Hilal Bulut, Serap Saler


Zooplankton of Murat River was examined from monthly taken samples between June 2011 and May 2012. As a result of research were identified total 33 species, 25 of them belong to Rotifera, 6 belong to Cladocera, 2 belong to Copepoda. Zooplanktonik species were comprised as 75.76% Rotifera 18.18% Cladocera and 6.06% Copepoda species. There was marked decrease in at the zooplankton species diversity in winter months. There was sharp increase at the zooplankton species diversity in spring and in summer months. Especially in spring month’s zooplankton were recorded in highest species and numbers individual. The most species were determined in April (nine species). At least species were determined January (four species). pH, dissolved oxygen, water temperature were measured of the study area. The study has got an importance as to be the first research on zooplankton in this area.


Zooplankton; Species diversity; Murat River; Rotifera; Cladocera; Copepoda

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