Evaluation of The Effects of Indoor Plant Preferences Used in Offices, Maintenance Opportunities and Air Quality: A Case of Akdeniz University

Ceren Selim, İrem Akgün, Rifat Olgun


The aim of this study is to determine the indoor plant preferences of the academic and administrative staff working in the units of Akdeniz University and the maintenance procedures applied to the indoor plants. In this context, totally 382 academic and administrative staffs’ offices were visited, the size of the offices were measured with laser meters, the indoor plant species were identified and questionnaires were applied to the participants by face-to-face interviews. A statistically significant result was found between the income status, gender, the units (vocational training) of the participants between keeping indoor plants in the offices. Orchids and cactus were the most preferred species. Most of the participants stated that they carried out irrigation and removal of dried branches/leaves as routine maintenance. The participants expressed their satisfaction with the existence of a reasonable number of indoor plants in the offices. The presence of a large number of indoor plants in the offices was found to cause tension and tiredness. It would be a rational solution to make it necessary to incorporate indoor plants into building design and management in the future, which is one of the cheapest and most effective methods of increasing labour productivity and achieving corporate strategic goals.


Indoor plants; Plant preferences; Survey; Plnats maintanence; Office

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