Determination of Knowledge Level, Consumption Behaviours and Habits about the Bee Products of the University Students

Sertaç Arı, Durmuş Ali Ceylan, Aziz Gül, Ethem Akyol


In the research, it was aimed to determined he level of information of university students’ about bee products, consumption behaviors and habits. The study was conducted on 311 students who were randomly selected from the students studying at Selçuk University. Most of the students who participated in the survey live in the Marmara Region. When the results were examined, it was found that all of the students had knowledge about honey, however, the knowledge level for pollen, royal jelly, bee wax, bee venom and propolis were75.2%, 43.7%, 41.2%, 30.2%and 21.2%, respectively. There was also no significant difference bet ween gender and consumption of honey, pollen and propolis. Whilet here was a significant difference bet ween honey and propolis consuming of students in terms of monthly average income and consumption of bee products, there was no significant difference in pollen and royal jelly consumption. It was found that there was no significant difference in bee product like honey, pollen and royal jelly between average monthly food expenditure and consumption, but it was found that there was a significant difference in consuming propolis.With this information, the students how they obtained the bee products, how much they consume in which season, how they understand the artificiality and crystallization of honey, and the physical states of the products were compared and also, these results compared with the other studies made about this topic before and some suggestions were made.


Honey; Bee product; Consumption; Consumer behaviours; Honey consumption

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