Determination of Yield and Some Properties of Different Silage Corn Varieties in Isparta Ecological Conditions

Mehmet Alagöz, Mevlüt Türk


This study was conducted to determine yield and some characteristics of different silage maize varieties at Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, Education, Research and Application Farm in 2017-2018. In this research, six different silage maize varieties (DKC721, Hido, Kilowat, Kolosseus, LG30709 and PNR31143) were used. This study was carried out according to a randomized block experiment design with three replicates. Herbage yield, plant height, scape, leaf and ear ratios, number of leaves, ear length and ear diameter values were determined. According to the analysis of variance, herbage yield, plant height, number of leaves, ear length and ear diameter values were found to be statistically significant at 1% level and ear ratio at 5% level, but scape and leaf ratios were statistically insignificant. Herbage yield 8624.9-10681.0 kg/da, plant height 234.3-294.3 cm, number of leaves 13.0-15.2 number/plant, ear length 20.7-26.0 cm and ear diameter 46.5-55.6 mm were determined. Especially in terms of yield and scape, leaf and ear ratios, Hido variety was observed to be prominent, followed by Kolosseus and LG30709 varieties. It can be said that the DKC721 variety is left behind in terms of the investigated properties.


Maize; Varieties; Yield; Number of leaves; Ear length

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